Bypass your ISP's / Webhost's SMTP

What is DriectToMX?

If you send large email mailshots (1,000+), then you can find yourself either paying too much to companies like Mailchimp or SendGrid, or worse, finding yourself cut off by your ISP or webhost. DirectToMX bypasses the sender SMTP server, and delivers it directly to the recipient's mail exchanger (MX), all for a fraction of the cost of traditional SMTP based systems.


Unfortunately, the downside to DirectToMX is reliability, anti-spam detectors spot this traffic easily, and a percentage of your email won't be delivered. Fear not, we don't charge for undelivered emails. This means that this system is fine for marketing purposes, where you don't need 100% delivery guaranteed, but not suitable for everyday email that assumes perfect delivery rates.


This system can handle millions of emails, for a fraction of the cost of Mailchimp / SendGrid. We don't rate limit, so you can send as fast as want, multithreaded senders are OK. We use Microsoft's Azure platform, and can scale up instantly to meet sudden demand.

How does it work?

Email is typically sent from your computer to your ISP's SMTP server, and from there, the SMTP server looks up the Mail exchanger (MX) of the recipient, and delivers to there. The recipient then uses either a web interface or POP3 to download email from the MX. We cut out the first step in this process, and deliver direct to the recipient's Mail exchanger, this increases performance, lowers cost, but does affect reliability.

How do I get started?

You need to first create an account with us, and we'll give you some free credit to play with, then you can use our web-service, or command line tools to send out some emails. Be aware, not every email will arrive, and they may be marked as 'spam' or 'junk', but we only charge for delivered emails.

Fair usage policy

EU and american laws dictate a certain fair use policy with emails. This can be summarised by saying that you must never send email to someone who has not requested it. We Have a zero tolerance for unsolicited email sent through this system, and any balance will be forfeit in the case of a complaint that breaches EU PECR regulation or the American Can-spam act.

Do I need to be a developer?

This is quite a technical product, and it's designed with developers in mind. However, we do offer bespoke solutions, charged at an hourly rate for customers who require technical assistance to operate this system. Contact us, and we'll see if we can help.


Get Started

Hello World

Click the login button to create an account, and you'll get an API key

Once you have an API key, then open a new project in Visual Studio, and add a reference to

var mx = new;
mx.send(	"{API KEY}",
			"some subject",
			"some body");

Download .NET Sample
Download PHP Sample
Download Javascript Sample

Self hosted solutions

If you prefer to install this software on your own server, and run it with no ongoing fees, then you can purchase the software for $99 via paypal below

Alternatively, if you already have access to an SMTP server, and just want an easy way to send email from javascript, please check out


If you'd like to contact us, then please use the form below

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